Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge

“Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge: How are Technology, Information and Marketing affecting the Interconnected World?”

JUNE 23–25, 2020 ESIC Business & Marketing School (Madrid-Spain)
Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Academy announces the 11th Annual International Conference in Madrid/Spain. As participant in the Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Academy 2020 Conference, you will have the opportunity to publish in prestigious journals.
Deadline for extended abstract submission: November 30, 2019.
***Please remember that rules have changed this year and it is not compulsory to submit an extended abstract in order to be able to submit a full paper. The deadline for submission of the full paper, and thus participate in the Conference, is FEBRUARY 1ST.

SSCI/JCR-ranked journals (WOS by Clarivate Analytics) of affiliated journals of Innovation Entrepreneurship Knowledge Academy 2020 include:

- Journal of Business Research (Elsevier)
- Technological Forecasting and Social Change (Elsevier)
- Psychology & Marketing Journal (Wiley-Blackwell Publishers)
- International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal (Springer)
- Review of Managerial Science (Springer)
- International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research (Emerald)
- International Journal of Emerging Markets (Emerald)
- British Food Journal (Emerald)
- Journal of Consumer Behaviour (Wiley)
- Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja (Taylor & Francis)
- European Journal of International Management (Inderscience)
- Academia (Emerald)
In addition, there are special issues in the following SCOPUS journals:

- International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences (Inderscience)
- Journal of Promotion Management (Taylor & Francis)
- Journal of Small Business Strategy
- International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems (IGI Global)
- European Journal of Management & Business Economics (Emerald)
- International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Small Business (Inderscience)
- Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy (Emerald)
We are proud to announce that the 2020 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Academy, Annual International Conference will be held in ESIC Business & Marketing School (Madrid-Spain). Feedback, including suggestions from editors of international journals attending the Conference, will help the authors publish their papers. In fact, all the affiliated journals will participate in this 2020 Annual International Conference by publishing high quality papers presented at the Conference.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Academy, 2020-Madrid will have special awards. These awards will be sponsored by Elsevier (with the special award for the Best Knowledge Paper), Emerald (with the special award for the Best Entrepreneurship Paper), and Betelgeux-Christeyns (with the special award for the Best Paper on Innovation).
Visit and submit your proposal to Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Academy Paper Manager.

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